Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Luf" Letters

Jackson loves to write "luf" letters. He rarely asks for help, he will sit & sit and try to figure it out on his own. It melts my heart when "For Mom" says "Fur Mom, Luf Jackson"- Seriously!

Disneyland, California Adventure & Huntington Beach


Monday, February 4, 2013


I was able to upgrade to an IPhone in November. It's been going rather well. We can take pictures of ourselves wherever we go. We can then send those pictures to whomever we would like:) We are really enjoying it!

Jackson was Husky of the Month in January.
We love his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Karlie

Hunter is in Basketball & Jackson chose gymnastics.
Here he is on the rings.

100th day of school=100 stickers

Ty could read books ALL DAY LONG.

You probably shouldn't take him out anywhere.
It's always a disaster. But I guess that's what you do
when your 18 months-right?


Our video footage from Christmas this year really is classic. The boys were SO excited. They shouted in excitement as they opened each and every present-even underwear. I wasn't quite expecting that:)
Love Ted's Face

Christmas Karaoke

New Underwear-He was SO excited!

Hunter bought this shirt for Jackson-He loved it.

Jackson's Kindergarten Christmas Recital

Launching a Rocket

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Secret Elves- Each Sunday night for the month of December we would
draw a different person in the family, to serve, do nice things, draw pictures etc.
I always liked getting a treat in my bucket:)